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  Using the basket
Saving items to the basket
Nelligan provides users with an "electronic basket" to temporarily store item information for printing to screen, saving to disk or emailing.

Item information can be displayed in 3 different formats:

1– Full Display including copy availability

2– Brief Display

3– MARC (an international standard used by librarians)

Once the search session has ended, the information is erased.

  1– From any results screen,
     click on the items to be
     saved in the basket.

2– Click on Save Marked Items

     click on Save All on Page
     to save all the entries on the

The following basket functions will appear throughout Nelligan.

  Save Records Add the current item to the basket when viewing a complete record.
  View Saved Display the current contents of the basket.
  Clear Saved Records Empty the contents of the basket.

Displaying and printing saved items
Three formats are available: full display which includes copy availability, brief display which includes summary information and MARC, an international standard used by librarians.

  1– From the results screen,
     click on View Saved

2– To display saved items
     on the screen,
     click on the desired format
     then select "Screen".

3– Click "Submit".

4– To save to disc,
     click on the desired format,
     then select "Disk".

5– Click "Submit".

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